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figured out the first name

2010-11-12 17:07:38 by danydaniel

his name is blade

figured out the first name


2010-06-04 00:14:16 by danydaniel

i dont have names for the main characters in my flash videos. if the names are good enough i will accept them. you will get some credit for some future videos. ok and i'll be pretty happy

i'm remaking it

2010-05-30 14:20:39 by danydaniel

i'm gonna remake my flash video because ive learned more about flash

ok guys

2010-05-21 20:01:09 by danydaniel

xeggo, my best friend is going to post my creation for me because i was banned from posting it for 10 days. ok


2010-05-17 22:07:20 by danydaniel

I finished my first flash and now i have to learn how to make an intro and put credits. i'm gonna call my first finished flash episode-1 the fight and the next one will be called episode-2 the war. and here's a sneak peak ;D. and does anybody know how to use sprites? cant upload anything for 14 days so i wanna make 2 different flashes, on of my own, and one with sprites so can you guys help me and i also need help with sound.


how he looks on the top with the grey or just full of white?

i hit 137 frames today and its starting to look much better and p.s. does anybody know how to put sound in your videos?

ok do you thinks that its gonna be better with some zombies?

i'm pretty happy that i almost got a live flash and i'm pretty sure that the problem is that its too shot or that its poorly drawn. i'm going to work on this one more time aand if it gets blammed i'm gonna use sprites. i am going to put an intro in this one and an end.

ok i got it

2010-05-15 18:42:31 by danydaniel

i have to admit my flashes did not deserve to live!!!! ok but i will work for days until i feel ceratin that i am ready to post anything

ok well here you go

2010-05-15 18:28:49 by danydaniel

i hope this one at least get a one or two because i just want people to be fair and if it gets blammed i'll still make it longer