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Rock problem

2012-01-19 22:02:41 by danydaniel

I HAVE decided to name the video (finally). It will be called Rock Problem. I've got it all the way to 150 frames at 12 frames per second (slower because it was WAY too fast before.) and I have great hope that this one will be better and (maybe) past judgement. IF it does I will still update it until I think it's done. If it gets blammed (probably will), I WILL use Rock Problem as the title. I am really hoping that it will get past judgment.

please, please,

Rock problem


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2012-01-19 22:42:24

I'm sorry,but that is most likely to get blammed real quick.You should get a preloader too.

(Updated ) danydaniel responds:

Thanks, I can't cuz I used pencil because it's free and VERY basic, and it got pass :D