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It got passed

2012-01-20 00:34:35 by danydaniel

I am very very happy because it did get past judgement (odd), probably because people felt sorry for me, know how hard it is to animate (especially with pencil), felt my pain, were try to get saves, or by just plain luck. Whatever the reason, I am very happy! I will (hopefully) update this daily because it isn't finished (even though it sucks) I WILL finish it and (maybe) make a remake or make a sequel. Some of you (very little people) have seen my account before and my previous short lived videos. I want to tell you all I am not giving up, forgeting, or scraping "the zealots", I merely want to keep it under wraps so I can mature, get better at animation, and get more publicity (a guy can dream right?). If you read all to this I thank you and hope you like the video(s) that I have made.

It got passed


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