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2012-02-03 00:44:14 by danydaniel

I will NOT continue rock problem, (unless I want to) because well, it sucks. I want to make something better (best I can do with pencil). I plan on making this flash animation until its DONE. I know why artists do that now XD. Welp I will keep rock problem up, tell me if you want it to be worked on


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2012-02-08 19:15:08

Yeah you should not continue rock problem and try your best with pencil animation if thats possible and if you will continue it make it epic with sound too.

danydaniel responds:

well...... I can't figure out how to add sound, I REALLY just want to learn how to use flash in a class or something -_-. I might try that I just...... dont know. I also MAY continue or just remake rock problem.

p.s. I CANT make any good animations that I so wish I could make like I imagine in my head the video WAY cooler but I don't know how to make that happen.