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Working has been contiued (sorda)

2012-04-19 23:20:27 by danydaniel

I am now at 80 frames at 10 fps! >:) however, I have found some weak points in the flash that I want to work on and fix in upcoming flashes after this. Since newgrounds can now stream, I now can (probably) ad music to it after it is done! However, it will not be synced or anything like that, it is simply there so it isn't silent and make it somewhat more entertaining. I also have no idea how long I am going to make this or what its name will be now. I am starting to get into the feel of this more and maybe I might make it a full-fledged flash! I am also debating on putting my flashes on y o u t u b e BUT, I will make the newgrounds ones better by not adding music or something on the youtube ones, (heck I suck at doing animation why am I so ahead of myself?) and I will link the newgrounds one to it. For now I will see where flash takes me and will continue to use pencil. Until then GO NEWGROUNDS!

Working has been contiued (sorda)


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