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I am now at 80 frames at 10 fps! >:) however, I have found some weak points in the flash that I want to work on and fix in upcoming flashes after this. Since newgrounds can now stream, I now can (probably) ad music to it after it is done! However, it will not be synced or anything like that, it is simply there so it isn't silent and make it somewhat more entertaining. I also have no idea how long I am going to make this or what its name will be now. I am starting to get into the feel of this more and maybe I might make it a full-fledged flash! I am also debating on putting my flashes on y o u t u b e BUT, I will make the newgrounds ones better by not adding music or something on the youtube ones, (heck I suck at doing animation why am I so ahead of myself?) and I will link the newgrounds one to it. For now I will see where flash takes me and will continue to use pencil. Until then GO NEWGROUNDS!

Working has been contiued (sorda)

Progress is going well

2012-04-10 23:50:37 by danydaniel

The flash has currently been worked on for about 2 hours and it is currently at 46 frames at 12 frames per second. I want to shoot towards 100 frames or so (because its just a test) and I am fairly exited about this flash. It has a lot more love behind it because truthfully I like violence >:). I've actually worked on it on 3 separate days, giving it little attention but still working on it. I hope to add music, but if I can't, I can't. I have a good feeling about this one! The title will most likely be Battle Test 1.

Progress is going well

that was..... dissapointing

2012-04-07 11:19:25 by danydaniel

DANG IT! I am really disappointed with my animating skills >:( because I've still been on newgrounds, but don't really felt like I made a good animation start. I've known about newgrounds for 4 years! I have to show it better respect! I've decided to actually FINISH my animations before I submit and heck I mine as well start using the zealots again. This time I'm just going to make a bunch of "tests" this time before even thinking about make an actual flash and hope on getting it to be better


2012-02-03 00:44:14 by danydaniel

I will NOT continue rock problem, (unless I want to) because well, it sucks. I want to make something better (best I can do with pencil). I plan on making this flash animation until its DONE. I know why artists do that now XD. Welp I will keep rock problem up, tell me if you want it to be worked on

It got passed

2012-01-20 00:34:35 by danydaniel

I am very very happy because it did get past judgement (odd), probably because people felt sorry for me, know how hard it is to animate (especially with pencil), felt my pain, were try to get saves, or by just plain luck. Whatever the reason, I am very happy! I will (hopefully) update this daily because it isn't finished (even though it sucks) I WILL finish it and (maybe) make a remake or make a sequel. Some of you (very little people) have seen my account before and my previous short lived videos. I want to tell you all I am not giving up, forgeting, or scraping "the zealots", I merely want to keep it under wraps so I can mature, get better at animation, and get more publicity (a guy can dream right?). If you read all to this I thank you and hope you like the video(s) that I have made.

It got passed

Rock problem

2012-01-19 22:02:41 by danydaniel

I HAVE decided to name the video (finally). It will be called Rock Problem. I've got it all the way to 150 frames at 12 frames per second (slower because it was WAY too fast before.) and I have great hope that this one will be better and (maybe) past judgement. IF it does I will still update it until I think it's done. If it gets blammed (probably will), I WILL use Rock Problem as the title. I am really hoping that it will get past judgment.

please, please,

Rock problem

Rock Bouncing Around

2012-01-18 22:06:51 by danydaniel

I am working on this at the moment, I have uploaded it(I bet it will get blammed) and I will work on it until it is completed. If even by it is complete and still gets blammed I will post it onto youtube(no need putting it to waste) So IF it gets past judgement ever, I will use this as the icon

Rock Bouncing Around

Flash didn't really end well

2012-01-17 18:22:03 by danydaniel

I was going to or hoping to make the flash video, but then I got completely confused on how to do it and how to manage any effects.
I just wanna make a good animation so that I can at least one video on NG, because I love this site!

I'm trying to find some ways to animate, but it looks really expensive and I'm not good at it.

I will never give up on it though......

starte animating again

2011-09-22 16:12:17 by danydaniel

Well I'm at my first frame, and I hope I can hit around 1000 by completion

starte animating again

I understand that some people want me to continue and others want me to stop well here is the bottom line

My plan of action is to make comics that are prequels to what you guys saw and i will eventually reach them and go beyond that point and have a storyline. I will call it "The Zealots"

Right now I'm making Vol. 1 of my comic and here's what I might make the cover or logo and I could use some help with the background.

p.s. I don't have anything to animate right now so if you guys recommend anything free or affordable I'll be real happy see ya ;)

Well I am back on newgrounds from months of it being blocked :D